Sil Lum Tao "Wing Chun"

Sifu Pringle demonstrating Sil Lum Tao also know as "Little Idea". This is the first form taught in the Wing Chun Family system. It covers all basic hand techniques required for beginner "Wing Chun" students. 

Tai Chi 16 Fan

Sifu Pringle demonstrating Tai Chi 16 Fan. 

Yang-Style 8-Step Tai Chi Chwen

Sifu Pringle demonstrating 8-step Tai Chi Chwen. 

16-Step Taiji Straight Sword

SiFu Pringle demonstrating Taiji Straight Sword. 

Lion Dance Cleveland 2010

Chinese Lion Dance Cleveland, Ohio "Dragon Boat Festival" 2010.  Old style routines like the 1930's "Wong Fe-Hong" movies.

Ba Gua & Double Broadswords

Ba Gua & Double Broadswords at Cleveland Dragon Boat Festival 2010

This performance was part of the opening ceremonies of the fourth annual Cleveland Dragon Boat Festival, which took place on the Nautica Powerhouse patio deck, on the West Bank of the Cuyahoga River in the historic Flats district of Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday, August 7, 2010.