Classses for Everyone

Group Classes


Group Class for ages 18 and up. 

Cortland Karate Center

372 W Main St, Cortland, OH 44410

Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm to 8:30pm 

$65.00 per month

Senior Classes


Group Classes offered at various venues throughout Trumbull County. (Call or email of locations and times)

Must be 65yrs. or older.

$5.00 per person for one hour class.

Private Lessons


Sign up for private lessons. 4 one-hour lessons per month set up at your personal time. 

Cost is $120.00 

NOTE: If you cancel a class there is no makup.

Location: 527 Powers Ave, Girard, Ohio 44420


For those who wish to participate, I have a traditional "sash" system set as follows;

1. White Sash = Beginner to 5yrs. training

2. Green Sash = 5yrs. to 8yrs. training

3. Brown Sash = 8yrs to 10yrs training

4. Black Sash = 10yrs and beyond

I also offer a "Patch" System set as follows:

Yin & Yang patch = any student that goes above & beyond just showing up for class, i.e. helping at our events, participating in demos, Lion & Dragon dance, etc.   

Shao-Lin patch = learning all 10 Shao-Lin forms from our system.   

Ba-Gua patch = Learning all Internal styles and their weapons. ( Tai-Chi Chwen, Ba-Gua Zhong, Hsing-Yi Chwen, Liu He Ba Fa, & Qi-Gong routines)   

Chinese Flag patch = Learning Chinese languages, both Mandarin & Cantonese