Demonstrations and Performances

Dragon Team


 ''Coiling Dragon Chinese Kung-Fu School'' offers a wide array of 'Demos' & 'Performances' for the public!  

What we can offer...

For Chinese New Year  celebrations at restaurants, homes or 'any' venue, Chinese Moon  Festival, Dragon Boat Festival', for Schools, Church groups,

Lion's Club, Rotary, Women's Leagues,...etc., or

any Cultural and International events'.


We can perform a single show, or combine two together.

1. Double Southern Lion Dance & Monk.

2. single Northern Lion Dance & Lion Tamer.

3. Double Dragon Dance chases the Pearl.

4. Tai-Chi demo' with group participation.

5.  Southern & Northern Kung-Fu demo'.

6. Teaching groups how to use 'chopsticks' properly , plus a ''Chopstick & Bowl' kung-fu form.

7. Teaching groups how to speak and/or write Chinese language. (Mandarin & Cantonese)

8. Chinese Opera excerpts/seminar on the 'Monkey King'(Sun Wu-Kong),  & 'General Guan Yu'( Kwan Kung ),

complete with singing, costume and face-paint. 

9. Southern Ke-Lun Dragon Horse Dance.

Please call in advance for dates/times & Prices!