Bio SiFu Pringle

Si-Fu Mark Lee Pringle; 47 years 'training' in traditional Chinese Kung-Fu/Tai-Chi , & 27 years 'Teaching' , 5th. degree Black Sash, acting Judge for Regional & National competitions. (as of 2018 )     

LINEAGE of Sifu Pringle

1. GrandMaster FeeMan Ong - Si-Fu John R. Allen, Hep-Sing school RT. 8 Akron,OH.,& Green Dragon School Tallmadge,OH. - 8 years.     Southern & Northern Shao-Lin family styles,  Tien Shan Pai, Shuai Jeow, Body programs.     

2. Prof. Peter Wang & Dr. Rose Wang 'Chinese-American Culture Institute' RT. 322 Mayfield Hgts.,OH.     Chinese Language, Wu-family tai-chi, Acupuncture, Acupressure massage, Chinese Music. - 3 years.     

3. Si-Fu Jimmy Yee Chicago's Chinatown Cermak Rd. Wing-Chun - 2 years, Teacher Hoy NYC Chinatown Mott St. Chinese Opera - 2 years,     Si-Fu Steven Feng Wing Chun - 3 years.     

4. Master Nick Gracenin Sharon,PA. ( GrandMaster Bow-Sim Mark) , Northern & Southern family styles, Fu family style - 15 years.     

5. Teacher Chi Siu-Hui Sharon,PA. , Chinese Language - 2 years. Teacher Xiao Bo , Chinese Language 3 years.        


6. My ''Wing-Chun Kuen'' Lineage;

 I started with Si-Fu Jimmy Yee from Chicago's Chinatown on Cermak  Rd. in the late 1970's  I spent a total of two years traveling to  Chicago off & on learning Yip-Man/Yoo-Choy family Wing-Chun Kuen.   Si-Fu Yee was from Hong-Kong.

Then two years with Teacher Hoy from New York City's Chinatown, on  the Mott St. apartment balcony training in Chinese Opera 'Chang-Ge'  (singing)  and 'Lian Pu' (face painting) 'General Guan Yu' & 'Sun  Wu-Kong'(Monkey King) sets, carrying on the 'root' traditions of Masters  Leung Yee-Tai & Wang Wah-Bo from the Red Boat Opera, then to Dr.  Leung Jan.   Teacher Hoy (who also taught Hong-Kong style Wing-Chun  & Tai Gae Kuen 'gin' sword-play) was with the CCBA and the NYC  Chinese School in the late 70's/early 80's.

Finally, three years of Yoo-Choy Wing-Chun with Si-Fu Steven Feng  from Cleveland Heights,OH in the late 90's.. Si-Fu Feng was also  originally from Hong-Kong.

Plus, seminars and technique exchange with Si-Fu Leung Ting, Si-Fu  Buddy Wu,  & Si-Fu Carl Dechiara( informal Wing-Chun technique  exchanges at Coach Nick Gracenin's school in the 90's.)  

Si-Fu Mark also attended seminars in-between with such great teachers as; GrandMasters; - Bow-Sim Mark, Dr. Wu Cheng-De, Madam Wang Ju-Rong, Tiger Yap, Brendan Lai, Chen Xiao-Wang, Yang-Yang, Yang Shu-Ton, Tom Huang Tzung-Yu, Buddy Wu, Dr. James Fung, Dr. Susan Deng, Yang Jwing-Ming, Liang Shou-Yu, Leung Ting, An Tian-Rong, Dr. Daniel Weng, & Fu Sheng-Lung.        

Si-Fu Mark has studied 35 different Traditional External & Internal Chinese styles , over 350 forms' including their Qi-Gong routines, Weapons, Self-Defense Applications, Lion , Dragon, & Happy Buddha Cultural Dances.

Si-Fu Mark also performed the 'San-Xian' (three-string Lute) and learned the basics of the 'Jung-Ruan'( middle size moon-guitar),
and 'Er-Hu' (two string violin) with the Classical Chinese Orchestra at Kent University (Main branch) for three years in the 1990's,
as well as performed various kung-fu/tai-chi & weapon forms with the Orchestra in public performances.
Presently, Si-Fu Mark is learning the 'Suo-Na' Chinese Horn).