Our school's purpose is to propagate Traditional Chinese Health & Culture...

What We Do...

Group Classes

Group classes are available at multiple locations on specific days.  Classes are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. All private lessons are taught by Sifu Pringle.  Act now space is limited. 

Tai Chi

For those looking for an excellent Tai Chi experience please feel free to stop in and give a group class a try. Styles of Tai Chi practiced are Fu Style, Yang Style, Sun Style.


Si-Fu Mark Lee Pringle; 46 years 'training' in traditional Chinese Kung-Fu/Tai-Chi , & 26 years 'Teaching' , 5th. degree Black Sash, acting Judge for Regional & National competitions.                      (as of 2018 )

Events and Seminars

Throughout the year we offer group seminars for all to attend. We also offer Lion Dance 

Kung Fu

Many know Chinese martial arts as just kung fu which translates to discipline or skill achieved through hard work. There are actually many styles of Kung Fu. Sifu Pringle has dedicated himself to studying many styles such as WIng Chun, Shaolin, and Bagua just to name a few.

Contact Us: info@coilingdragonkungfu.org